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Protect Your Data with End-to-End Encryption and Role-Based Access Controls

Upload, Send, Store, and Share Files Securely

GiraffeDoc is a secure file sharing platform that is FTC compliant and is end-to-end encrypted.

Customers can send you documents securely with no pins, no usernames, no passwords, and no account with GiraffeDoc 

Step One

Send your customer your personalized link

Text Message Delivered invitation to share information.

Step Two

Your customer enters our encrypted portal and uploads their information

GiraffeDocs Uploading page

Step Three

You, your representative, and admin will get notified when your customer uploads files

Notification from a file being shared securely with a business.
GiraffeDoc is easy to use.

Ease of Use

  • Customer uploading: No pins, no usernames, no passwords, no setting up an account for your customers to upload to you.
  • Intuitive Interface: GiraffeDoc features an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing users to quickly access and manage their documents without any steep learning curve. 
  • Effortless Document Sharing: GiraffeDoc enables users to securely share files/documents with third-party vendors, clients, or external partners with just a single click.
  • User-Friendly Features: GiraffeDoc offers customizable user upload pages, ensuring your customers are uploading to your representative.
  • Minimal Training Required: Users can quickly familiarize themselves with the platform’s features and functionalities, reducing onboarding time and increasing user adoption. 
  • Video and Article Functionality Training: To further reduce the onboarding time GiraffeDoc offers a library of functionality training with an array of YouTube videos and articles walking your reps thru all aspects of GiraffeDoc.
GiraffeDoc Legal servers the legal community with secure file sharing


  • Protocols: GiraffeDoc employs robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive documents/files to ensure compliance with data security regulations, such as the FTC Safeguard Laws. more on FTC safeguard laws….
  • Document Retention Policies: GiraffeDoc’s automatic deletion feature ensures your compliance with any regulator bodies retention policy. 
  • Controls: GiraffeDoc offers various role-based access controls, enabling organizations to manage user permissions and restrict access to sensitive information, helping meet regulatory requirements for data protection and access control.
  • Permissions: GiraffeDoc offers group controls, enabling organizations to limit specific teams, projects, or departments to only specific sensitive documents/files that they can view.
  • Compliance Assistance and Support: GirafffeDoc is committed to providing resources, guidance, support, and education to help organizations navigate regulatory requirements, ensuring that you remain compliant with FTC Safeguard Laws and other regulations. more on GiraffeDoc education…
GiraffeDoc offers end-to-end encryption, roles based access controls and FTC compliance.
Enhanced Security
  • End-to-end Encryption: GiraffeDoc employs in-transit and AES256 at rest encryption. more on AES256…
  • Role-Based Access Controls: GiraffeDoc enables organizations to control access to documents/files based on user roles, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view and share sensitive information. 
  • Customizable User Upload Pages: GiraffeDoc allows organizations to customize user upload pages, adding an extra layer of security by ensuring that document access links are unique and easily identifiable by your customers.
  • Automatic Document Deletion: GiraffeDoc automatically deletes documents/files after a customizable period, reducing the risk of data exposure and ensuring compliance with data retention policies.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: GiraffeDoc enhances security with requiring all users provide multiple forms of verification to access their accounts, documents, and files.
Vector image detailing collaboration.
Streamlined Collaboration
  • Group Collaboration: GiraffeDoc enables users to create and manage collaborative groups for specific projects, teams, or departments, promoting cohesion and coordination among team members.
  • Guest Access: GiraffeDoc allows users to securely share documents with external collaborators, third-party vendors, or clients while maintaining control over access permissions, enhancing collaboration beyond organizational boundaries.
PCI DSS Compliant
NIST Compliant
GiraffeDoc is HIPAA complaint
FTC Safeguard rule for Auto Dealers
Secure File Sharing tailored to your needs

In today’s digital landscape, data protection and confidentiality are paramount, especially within specialized industries


GiraffeDoc serves the automotive industry.

In an industry where data protection is crucial, GiraffeDoc offers unparalleled security features like end-to-end encryption and role-based access controls. Safeguard sensitive customer information, streamline document management, and ensure compliance with FTC Safeguard laws effortlessly.

Learn More >


GiraffeDoc serves the legal industry

With GiraffeDoc, protect client confidentiality, streamline document management, and ensure compliance with data protection laws effortlessly. Our platform offers role-based access controls, allowing you to define user permissions and control document access with precision.

Learn More >


GiraffeDoc serves the finance industry

Protect sensitive financial information, ensure compliance with financial regulations, and streamline document workflows with GiraffeDoc’s advanced security features.

Learn More >


GiraffeDoc serves the Insurance Industry

From policy documents to claims records, GiraffeDoc offers end-to-end encryption, customizable user upload pages, and role-based access controls, giving you the confidence to securely share documents and collaborate with clients, partners, and colleagues. 

Learn More >


GiraffeDoc serves the healthcare industry.

With GiraffeDoc, protect patient confidentiality, ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, and streamline document management across your organization.

Learn More >


GiraffeDoc serves the journalistic industry

With GiraffeDoc, stay compliant with data privacy regulations while streamlining collaboration with editors, contributors, and partners.

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The Voice of GiraffeDoc's Customers

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Russ Kauffeld

Owner/General Manager

“I’ve been very happy with GiraffeDoc. We deal with a lot of vendors and GiraffeDoc just works every time we need it.”

Edward Wampler

Collision Facility Manager

“GiraffeDoc has allowed my staff to be able to share estimates with adjusters and with my customers, who are in a rush and can’t wait for us to write an estimate.”

Meir Niad

Web Design & Marketing Consultant

“I needed a secure way for my clients to send me sensitive information. GiraffeDoc is so simple to use with no extra hoops to jump through. It just works.”

Anthony Knight

Assistant Parts Manager

“GiraffeDoc has been a lifesaver with the new FTC safeguard laws. It allows us to receive customers insurance information, so we can help them get keys for their vehicles.”

Laura Brown

Collision Facility Estimator

“GiraffeDoc has been wonderful. We have the ability to share our estimates with adjusters with simply a click of a box. “

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