Secure Document Sharing Solutions for Enterprises

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Enterprise Features:

  • Top-tier scalability with support for up to 500 users
  • Enables up to 1000 guest accesses for extensive collaboration
  • Advanced access controls for secure document management
  • Comprehensive feature set, combining benefits from Solo, Teams, and Business Plans

The pinnacle of unparalleled levels of scalability and secure collaboration.

Experience unparalleled scalability and functionality with GiraffeDoc’s Enterprise plan, tailored for high-powered enterprises and large corporations. Designed to meet the most demanding file-sharing needs, this top-tier solution sets the standard for secure collaboration at scale. With robust features and cutting-edge technology, GiraffeDoc’s Enterprise plan empowers your staff to streamline operations, drive efficiency, and maintain the highest level of data security. Elevate your organization’s document management capabilities to new heights with GiraffeDoc’s Enterprise plan.

GiraffeDoc offers scalable secure file sharing. Our platform scales with your needs.

Capacity and Accessibility

Experience unmatched capacity and accessibility with GiraffeDoc’s Enterprise Plan, meticulously crafted to meet the needs of large corporations. With support for up to 500 users, each equipped with their own personalized upload page, and an expansive allowance of up to 1000 guests’ access, this plan offers an all-encompassing, secure file-sharing infrastructure. Whether collaborating internally or sharing documents with external stakeholders, GiraffeDoc’s Enterprise Plan provides the scalability and accessibility necessary for seamless collaboration at enterprise scale.

Enterprise-Grade Excellence

GiraffeDoc offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the expansive needs of large corporations. With unlimited uploads, your staff can securely share and temporarily store an abundance of documents, ensuring no file is left behind. Our platform supports text and social media delivery, allowing seamless communication and collaboration across various channels. Each representative in your organization is equipped with a unique personalized upload page, adorned with your business logo and their personalized photo, providing a professional and branded interface for clients and partners. With enhanced end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication, GiraffeDoc ensures the highest level of security for your sensitive data, giving you peace of mind in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

GiraffeDoc's Enterprise Plan encompasses all the benefits of our other plans, with expansive users and guests
Don't compromise on data security

GiraffeDoc prioritizes security with robust features such as Enhanced End-to-End Encryption, Role-Based Access Controls, Group Access Controls, and Multi-Factor Authentication, providing a fortified shield against cyber threats. Our platform also offers Automatic Document Deletion, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and safeguarding confidential information throughout its lifecycle. Additionally, our educational resources cater to those in charge of regulatory compliance, equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate regulatory landscapes confidently. With GiraffeDoc, large organizations can uphold compliance standards, mitigate risks, and protect their valuable assets with ease.

Don't compromise on security, Get GiraffeDoc
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Elevate to the epitome of secure and scalable file-sharing solutions with the Enterprise Plan, where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of your expansive enterprise.

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More Enterprise Features

No username, pin, or password for upload
Information Collection
Text & Email Delivery
Social Media Delivery
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliant
FTC Safeguard Rule Compliant
PCI DSS Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
NIST Compliant
Encryption at rest
End to End Encryption
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Multi-factor Authentication
Unlimited Uploads
Temporary Cloud Storage
Customizable Auto Deletion
Unique User Upload Page
Guest Access to share files
Customizable logo on Upload Page
Customizable Representative Image on Upload Page
Manage Guests
Upload Counter
Share Information
Monthly & Annually Billing
Discounted Annually Billing
User access controls
Manage Users
Manage Multiple Teams/Groups/Departments
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