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GiraffeDoc for Automotive Dealers offers FTC Safeguard Rules compliance and simple file sharing for your customers.
GiraffeDoc Automotive works for all OE Manufactures of vehicles

Enhanced Security Controls for Automotive

GiraffeDoc’s commitment to FTC Safeguard Rule compliance is evident through its state-of-the-art security features, including the highest levels of enhanced end-to-end encryption, during transport and at rest and multifactor authentication. These measures provide an impenetrable fortress for confidential customer data during transmission and storage, aligning seamlessly with the data protection requirements mandated by the FTC Safeguard rules.

GiraffeDoc supports compliance efforts by enabling Automotive Dealerships to implement role-based access controls ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to your customers sensitive information. GiraffeDoc’s groups feature allows dealerships to create groups that can be broken down by departments, adding an additional layer of security ensuring that your Parts Manager is not viewing sensitive customer information that was sent to your Finance Manager.

GiraffeDoc serves the Automotive industry with secure file sharing for dealerships of all sizes.
Staying at the forefront of Compliance Education

GiraffeDoc understands it’s not just about providing automotive dealerships with software that works, but also about education concerning this new environment that automobile dealerships have to navigate. GiraffeDoc Education publishes helpful blog postings weekly to provide education about the Safeguard Rule, Segregation, and Encryption among other topics. 

GiraffeDoc Education provides automobile dealerships resources that help with becoming full FTC Safeguard Rules compliant and includes checks on compliance management vendors. With the implementation of the FTC Safeguard Rules, GiraffefDoc found that many of the vendors that were selling their services, actually were not providing the service that they marketed. GiraffeDoc Education and our resources can help to make sure that your sentry is not asleep and leaving you unprotected. 

GiraffeDoc deciphering the FTC Safeguard rule for Auto Dealers

As Automotive Dealerships navigate the stringent landscape of the new FTC Safeguard Rules. GiraffeDoc recognizes the unique challenges faced by the automotive industry in safeguarding sensitive customer information. The FTC’s Safeguard rules disrupted the automotive industry, like we haven’t seen in years. Dealership’s have had to become Computer Security experts, Lawyers, and continue to grow and maintain their businesses. The strict requirements that Dealership Qualified Individuals have to navigate and interpretations of laws, that many in the legal field struggle with has Dealership bodies struggling to know what exactly are the requirements that the FTC expects of dealerships. 

GiraffeDoc’s creation was a result of the FTC Safeguard Rules. GiraffeDoc saw a few secure file transfer vendors in the Automotive market, but all the vendors either relied on standard security protocols or the costs to a dealership were too high for local smaller automotive dealerships to be compliant with the Safeguard Rules. GiraffeDoc’s secure file sharing platform was designed around compliance with FTC Safeguard law compliance 16 CFR 314.4(c)(3). “Encrypt all customer information held or transmitted by you both in transit over external networks and at rest.” 

FTC Safeguard rule for Auto Dealers

Simplicity In Compliance

GiraffeDoc wanted to provide the simplest way for your customer to get you the information that you need to complete finance deals, receive customer estimates, and receive customers personal information. Our customizable upload pages don’t require a pin, password, or username from your customers to upload. It’s as simple as sending a text message, only encrypted and secure.

Our plans cater to the needs of dealerships with features such as customizable user uploading pages, guest sharing access, access controls by user role, group creation for departmental segregation, and customizable automatic document deletion. GiraffeDoc empowers dealerships to securely receive documents from customers, collaborate with third party vendors, and streamline internal processes while ensuring strict adherence to FTC Safeguard rules. 

GiraffeDoc for Automotive provides ease of use with simple uploading with no pins, passwords, or usernames.

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